125MM X 24MM Gray on Gray TPU A98 Flat Tread Travelator
Wheel with, 5/16″ Dual Precision Bearing, Axle and Nut.
Single Blade Wheel.

  • High Load Capacity
  • Long Lifespan
  • Effortless Mobility
  • Premium Performance
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Wheel Material


Wheel Diameter

Load Capacity

Tread Width

Hub Width

Hub Length

Bearing Type

Hardness Of Tread

Operating Temp





Warranty Duration

  • Airport walkways
  • Multi-level retail stores
  • Escalators

P&H travelator wheels allow users to easily transport their luggage, shopping cart full of purchases or other cargoes easily and safely. Shopping carts using travelator wheels are fitted with automatic brakes which are activated when the cart is rolled onto a moving walkway. Specially aligned wheels help to secure the cart within the grooves of the moving walkway. P&H’s single blade travelator casters offer two wheel widths to match the retail environment color scheme. Both of our single blade disc options work with almost every type of travelator in the market.

Spanish Product Data Sheet

Travelator Doble Disco W933DEG37W

Our Series 30 line includes products primarily geared to the needs of the retail industry with a focus on equipment developed for shopping carts. Р&H has specialized in shopping cart wheels and casters since the 1980’s. Our years of experience in the industry have led us to develop products for almost any retail application imaginable. Our shopping cart casters have become the standard for much of the US retail market.

The Series 30 line also includes specialty travelator and moving walkway shopping cart casters that fit carts found primarily outside of the US market.