Rigid Light/Medium Duty Caster with Zinc Plated Steel with Lacquer Dip Yoke, 3 1/8″ X 4 1/8″ Plate Mount. 5″ Yoke with 6″ X 1 1/4″ Soft Rubber Gray on Gray Wheel, 5/16″ Quad X Precision Bearings, 5/16″ Axle And Nylon Lock Nut, Flat Spot Resistant SuperWheel.

  • Caster Type:Rigid
  • Tread Width:1 1/4"
  • Wheel Diameter:5"
  • Wheel Type:Soft Rubber
  • Capacity:200 LBS
  • Finish:Zinc Plated Steel with Lacquer Dip
Compare Z22P2I4IGGEFR

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Our Series 20 Light/Medium duty casters support individual weight capacities of 150 lbs. to 400 lbs. They function well in day to day use and general purpose applications. Series 20 products include a wide range of light/medium duty casters in zinc, stainless steel and the P&H rust resistant plastic caster models.

The Series 20 product line also includes our Precision Raceway line of medium duty casters that utilize a precision bearing raceway in the swivel. These very specialized casters are guaranteed to increase performance and reduce noise in any application.

Some of our most popular casters that are standards in the retail industry and our High Temperature caster family are part of our expansive Series 20 casters.

The P&H line of High Temperature casters are designed to withstand temperatures ranging from -20° F up to 550° F, so they can go directly from the freezer to the oven. Made from shock and impact resistant epoxy resin or durable phenolic materials, these casters are unaffected by most chemicals, water or steam — making them the perfect choice for in-store bakeries and food service operations.

Mounting options include several plate sizes in both swivel and rigid models, square, round, friction and expandable stem attachments.