Welded Precision Swivel Shopping Cart Caster with Premium Zinc Plated, Heat Treated Yoke, 1/2″ X 13 X 1″ Keyed Shopping Cart Mount, 5″ X 1 1/4″ Soft Rubber Blue on Gray Wheel, 5/16″ Dual Precision Bearings with 5/16″ Axle and Nylon Lock Nut. Flat Spot Resistant Material. SuperWheel.

  • Caster Type:Swivel
  • Tread Width:1 1/4"
  • Wheel Diameter:5"
  • Wheel Type:Soft Rubber
  • Capacity:250 LBS
  • Finish:Premium Zinc Heat Treated
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  • Shopping carts
  • Specialty shopping equipment
  • Retail carts and racks

Our Series 30 line includes products primarily geared to the needs of the retail industry with a focus on equipment developed for shopping carts. Р&H has specialized in shopping cart wheels and casters since the 1980’s. Our years of experience in the industry have led us to develop products for almost any retail application imaginable. Our shopping cart casters have become the standard for much of the US retail market.

The Series 30 line also includes specialty travelator and moving walkway shopping cart casters that fit carts found primarily outside of the US market.

P&H’s long history with shopping cart equipment has led us to develop a number of specialized products that address the unique challenges found in the retail industry. Our Series 30 shopping cart casters and wheels are designed to fit almost all carts of US manufacture and include products that are anti-static and products that are equipped with friction bearings to help automatically slow rolling carts.

This series also includes our SuperWheel family, our premiere shopping cart product. The most flat spot resistant product on the market, these wheels are made from a unique natural rubber compound developed by P&H to be extremely abrasion resistant and have a high degree of surface grip.

These wheels are not only far more resistant to the development of flat spots than standard shopping cart wheels, they also provide a superior ride with exceptional maneuverability.